Spring Camp!

Spring Camp! This year we held a big Beaver camp at Youlbury Scout Centre, including both of 1st Harwell’s Beaver Colony’s.

To start of our weekend Beavers were dropped off at ¬†Youlbury by their parents, they quickly had to find their rooms with their friends and unpack! Then we swiftly moved on to some games in the hall as we waited for the last few Beavers to arrive. Once everyone was here we went down to the camp fire, where two of our Leaders were busy building the fire! All the Beavers toasted their own crumpets on the fire for supper. Zara sang some campfire songs with everyone. It was soon time to go back through the woods to the building. Everyone got changed into their PJ’s and snuggled up in the sleeping bags in the hall to watch Monsters Inc and drink hot chocolate!

Everyone woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning, some at 6am! We had lots of time before the day Beavers and Explorers arrived for breakfast, so we all went and explored the campsite, playing some games as a group and then some free time in little groups.

We then welcomed the day beavers and all sat down for a yummy breakfast made by Zara’s mummy and daddy!!

It was then time for the Beavers to pack up their things and hoover their rooms. Everyone managed to pack their own bag with very little help from Zara, Susie and Katie. They then moved their bags into another building close by for safe keeping till home time.

It was soon time for the activities to begin!! The Explorers were taking part in Young Leader Training with their Explorer Leader: for part of their training they had to plan an round robin of activities for the Beavers to take part in. So, as we left them to go off and plan, the Beavers got out and about around the campsite to explore and look at nature. We did a teamwork activity: they had to pick a Beaver Badge and then using the nature around them make it on a piece of cloth they were given.

The Explorers then appeared from their classroom ready to take over! They had lots of little activities planned teaching and using scouting skills! All the Beavers seemed to have a great time and a few of the Explorers gained a badge and ticked off another section for their training!!

Once they finished the activities with the Explorers we quickly had lunch and played some quick games, because it was almost time for Climbing!! We had a long walk across the campsite to get to Youlbury HQ. We were greeted by 3 climbing instructors! Katie and Zara quickly split everyone up into 3 groups to go to different sized walls: small – 5m, medium – 8m and large – 12m. Everyone got harnessed up and went off to their walls. Every Beaver had a go at climbing and they all had a great time!!

After climbing it was quickly home time! We had our closing ceremony around the flag pole and then headed back over to wait by the car park. We gave out the Mothers’ Day mugs, the Beavers had made in the week, ready for Sunday and then said goodbye to everyone!

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