Blog #3 Jamboree Activities!

Hi people! 
Today the older explorers and network returned from their overnight hike, involving sleeping under tarpaulins in the Danish forests. Fortunately the weather improved enabling a decent nights sleep! 


Meanwhile, back at camp the younger explorers participated in ‘group games’ ran by George, Will and Zara for our own group, and for scouts from other groups attending the jamboree. Also they competed in the ‘Camp Masterchef’ cooking meatball curry with mango chutney and pancakes with cream. 


The following day was Cowboy day! Full of activities and a party based around Cowboys. The explorers made branded leather wiggles, and participated in a canoe race with a difference, the difference being the canoe was on wheels.

The night ended with a late night cowboy party, to which the explorers danced and partied to! 
Keep watching as we reach towards the middle of our jamboree adventure!!

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1 Response

  1. Simon says:

    Hi first harwell Explorer this mail comes from sweden and your camp friend simon. andrew will also send a mail so we can try to reatch you. I had some problems with my mail but now it works. I hope you had a great journey back to England from denmark and i hope Legoland was good.
    I hope we see eatch outher again soon!

    with best regards from: Simon Vallin your friend from sweden