Online St. George’s Day Event 2020

Welcome to our first ever Online St. George’s Day Event!

Thank you to all those that joined us on Sunday 26th April, we really enjoyed seeing how much fun you all had. Don’t worry if you haven’t managed to complete your 5 activities yet. The badge will be available on ‘Badges at Home’ until 31st May, so you have plenty of time!

To achieve the badge, you will need to complete at 5 activities – 1 from each of the programme zones below and then 1 additional activity from a zone of your choice.

You will find activity cards for each of the activities below which will explain how to complete it and suggests some possible adjustments if you don’t have all of the resources that you might need.

Our team is available to help you, should you have any questions about how to complete an activity. You can either e-mail us here or contact us via ‘Badges at Home’ in Online Scout Manager.

Activity NumberDescriptionDownload
C1Make yourself puppets of George and the dragon then act out the story that made him a Saint!Worksheet
C2Make a dragon’s head.Worksheet
C3Design/make a shield.Worksheet
C4Make a suit of armour using recycled materials.Worksheet
C5Make a knight with moving arms and legs.Worksheet
C6St. George is often depicted in stained glass windows – have a go at creating your own stained-glass window with a St. George themed design.Worksheet
C7Create your own knight’s sword using materials of your choice!Worksheet
C8Make your own castle from old cardboard boxes.Worksheet
C9The red rose is the national symbol for England, have a go at creating a red rose either as a badge or on a stalk to give to someone you love!Worksheet
C10Make some England flag bunting to decorate your house.Worksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionDownload
F1Try making those traditional English treats- Crumpets or English muffins!Worksheet
F2Decorate biscuits on an English theme. Maybe you could decorate shields or create a scene from the George and the Dragon story?Worksheet
F3Cook a traditional English meal. Here’s a few ideas: Fish and Chip, Shepherd’s Pie, Roast Dinner, Sausage and Mash, English Breakfast & Bubble and Squeak.Worksheet
F4Hold a traditional English Afternoon Tea – or you could draw your dream Afternoon Tea!Worksheet
F5Bake a traditional English cake or afternoon tea item- you could serve them at your Afternoon Tea! Here’s a few ideas: Victoria Sandwich, Shortbread, SconesWorksheet
F6England is well known for Yorkshire puddings. Some people eat Yorkshires with a variety of fillings both savoury and sweet! Try some filled Yorkshire puddings and see what you think.Worksheet
F7Blackpool is famous for rock. Have a go at making your own sweets and confectionery.Worksheet
F8In England farming, agriculture and food production are industries on which the country has been built. Find out about local food producers in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. Explore how Covid-19 is impacting our local food producers.Worksheet
F9Do some research to find out about other foods England is famous for and have a go at making/trying them.Worksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionDownload
G1Have a game of ‘tag’!Worksheet
G2Have a go at being a knight and have a jousting competition.Worksheet
G3Play ‘Fruit Salad’ but swap the fruits for: George, Dragon, Princess and Sword and for ‘Fruit Salad’ shout ‘St. George’s Day!’. Alternatively play the game and make up your own names.Worksheet
G4Play ‘Splat’ with ‘St. George’ in the centre of the circle shouting ‘Swords’ and people around the edge defending themselves shouting ‘Shields’.Worksheet
G5Hopscotch is a traditional English playground game- find out about its origins and have a go at playing it.Worksheet
G6‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Simon Says’ are two more traditional English games. Have a go at playing these or find some others to have a go at.Worksheet
G7Mazes and Wordsearches.Worksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionDownload
O1Create a play or a song based on the story of St. George.Worksheet
O2Research/read the St George’s Day story together.Worksheet
O3There are lots of famous English inventors- find out about some of them and have a go at creating your own invention to solve a problem you face on a daily basis!Worksheet
O4England is famous for the Royal Family. Find out about the history of the Royal Family and have a go at creating your own family tree.Worksheet
O5In small groups do some research about English traditions and other things England is famous for. Present your findings in a fun and interesting way to the rest of your unit!Worksheet
O6St. George was a hero. Find out about modern day heroes, does everyone think of the same people as heroes? Who is your hero and why?Worksheet
O7Put on your own Punch and Judy show.Worksheet
O8Have a go at Morris Dancing.Worksheet
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Need some help?

Got a question about an activity? Not sure if you how you can adapt a certain challenge? No problem, either fill out the form below, or send us a message through the ‘Badges at Home’ feature on Online Scout Manager and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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    Further Information

    Our activities were inspired by the Pawprint Badges St. George’s Day Challenges and adapted by our Young Leader Team.