Online Events

2020 and 2021 were very unusual years in so many ways but, thanks to the efforts of our Leaders and Members, we have managed to continue Scouting – just in a slightly different way!

We have run a series of events with activities that were completed at home. These activities can still be enjoyed by visiting the pages below and downloading the activity cards.

We also created a highlights video or photo gallery for each of our events, so please click on the badges below to see what we have been up to!

In April 2020 we started with our Online St. George’s Day event, which introduced us to the idea of how we could run these events with a mix of online meetings to launch the event and activity cards for our Members to complete at home.

In June 2020 we ran our Stay Connected Challenge, which looked how we are connected to our communities, be that our local area or our Global community!

In July 2020 we joined up with thousands of Scouts from all over the UK (and some from the rest of the world!) to take part in a virtual camp! The Great Indoors Weekender was a mix of national online activities, mixed with activities led by our Leaders, Scouts and Explorers.

In October 2020 we supported the COVID-19 response in Botswana by helping to create maps as part of the Missing Maps project. This followed on from the work of one of our Explorer Activity Teams that has been learning all about this project and how the data is used to respond to an ongoing humanitarian situation. Over the initial 5 hours of the day, we added 4191 buildings to the OpenStreetMap, which will make a huge difference to the NGOs and local officials managing the Coronavirus crisis!

In November 2020 we held our annual Remembrance Sunday event online – with our members joining the St. Matthew’s Church for their service and a series of Remembrance Themed activities afterwards.

In April 2021 with restrictions still preventing us from getting together as a Group to renew our promises again, we held a series of activities online to celebrate Earth Day!