Online St. George’s Day Event 2021

Following on from the Renewal of our Scout Promises, we will be taking part in two eco-activities to celebrate Earth Day 2021!

These activities will be led by groups of Explorers and will take place in Section Breakout Rooms on Zoom. The worksheets below are there to supplement these activities.

1Planting SeedsWorksheet
2Beeswax WrapsWorksheet

You will find activity cards for each of the activities below which will explain how to complete it and suggests some possible adjustments if you don’t have all of the resources that you might need.

You need to complete at least a total of 4 challenges – 1 from each of the zones.

Our team is available to help you, should you have any questions about how to complete an activity. You can either e-mail us here or contact us via ‘Badges at Home’ in Online Scout Manager.

Activity NumberDescriptionDownload
M1Design a plastic-free sweet wrapperWorksheet
M2Make a ‘wind-turbine’ pin wheelWorksheet
M3Make your own re-usable buntingWorksheet
M4Make washing powder using conkersWorksheet
M5Make liquid soapWorksheet
M6Make reusable cotton cloths and face padsWorksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionDownload
F1Take part in #MeatFreeMonday and cut out meat for the dayWorksheet
F2Create a menu for a plastic-free mealWorksheet
F3Make your own ice lolliesWorksheet
F4Make your own bread from scratchWorksheet
F5Grow your own fruit and vegWorksheet
F6Find out where the food you have at home comes fromWorksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionDownload
G1Play a game of blow football using reusable strawsWorksheet
G2Charity Shop ChallengeWorksheet
G3Steps challengeWorksheet
G4Create your own game to help others to reduce wasteWorksheet
G5Make a plastic bag ballWorksheet
G6Play an on-line gameWorksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionDownload
I1Become more eco-friendlyWorksheet
I2Find out about bambooWorksheet
I3Plastic AuditWorksheet
I4Swap to LEDWorksheet
I5Cut down on car tripsWorksheet
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Need some help?

Got a question about an activity? Not sure if you how you can adapt a certain challenge? No problem, either fill out the form below, or send us a message through the ‘Badges at Home’ feature on Online Scout Manager and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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    Further Information

    Our activities are based on the Pawprint Reduce Challenge Activities.