‘Stay Connected’ Challenge 2020

Welcome to our ‘Stay Connected’ Challenge!

You need to complete the MSF Project that we explained in the morning Zoom meeting and then a minimum of 4 challenges, 1 from each of the zones, to get a minimum number of points:

Beavers (non-members age 5-7) will need to get 25 Points
Cubs (non-members age 8-10) will need to get 30 Points
Scouts (non-members age 10-13) will need to get 35 Points
Explorers (non-members age 14-17) will need to get 40 Points

You will find activity cards for each of the activities below which will explain how to complete it and suggests some possible adjustments if you don’t have all of the resources that you might need.

Our team is available to help you, should you have any questions about how to complete an activity. You can either e-mail us here or contact us via ‘Badges at Home’ in Online Scout Manager.

Create your own map from a satellite image to support MSF. Print off your map and put it in a clear plastic wallet or under tracing paper​. Draw around all of the buildings and road you can see in the satellite image with a marker pen.​ You could even use different colours for buildings and roads.​Take out the image and now you have successfully drawn a map!​ This map could now be used by MSF to locate people that need help​.

We have some printed maps available to collect in Harwell – please email us if you would like to pick some up!

MSFBackground about MSFInformation
MSFHow to complete mapping challengeWorksheet
MSFBeavers Mapping ActivityWorksheet
MSFCubs Mapping ActivityWorksheet
MSFScouts Mapping ActivityWorksheet
MSFExplorers and Network Mapping ActivityWorksheet
MSFFind out more about how you can contribute to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap TeamWorksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionPointsDownload
M1Knot, weave or plait a friendship bracelet and send it with a note to a friend or family member (not living in your household) to let them know you are thinking of them 10 PointsWorksheet
M2Make a quilt square10 PointsWorksheet
M3Make a Good Deed Die using the resource provided and do something on it. 5 PointsWorksheet
M4Decorate your space for our ‘Virtual Lunch’ 5 PointsWorksheet
M5Design a postcard and send it to a friend or neighbour5 PointsWorksheet
M6Create a kindness rock and add it to our ‘kindness snake’ outside the pavilion5 PointsWorksheet
M7Song, dance, play or poem about what you are looking forward to doing when lockdown is over!10 PointsWorksheet
M8Make a time capsule to remember life during lockdown10 PointsWorksheet
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Cook-a-long with Daniel for the Beavers and Cubs

Activity NumberDescriptionPointsDownload

Beavers/Cubs: Follow our cook-along to make your lunch.

Scouts/Explorers:Choose 5 ingredients from your store cupboard and make a ‘ready, steady, cook’ lunch

10 PointsWorksheet
F2Bake a tear and share loaf and share it with family or neighbors10 PointsWorksheet
F3Decorate biscuits/cakes using only the ingredients that you have in your kitchen5 PointsWorksheet
F4Support your local food bank with a donation5 PointsWorksheet
F5Give a cake in a jar – prepare all the ingredients and seal it up, deliver it with a label to let the recipient know what to do and that you’re thinking of them5 PointsWorksheet
F6Make cakes or biscuits and leave them for your neighbours10 PointsWorksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionPointsDownload
G1Take part in our quiz at the Virtual Lunch5 PointsWorksheet
G2Play Jenga with a twist. You tell members of your family which blocks to remove!5 PointsWorksheet
G3Play ‘I spy..’ with your family. You could try doing this remotely using video calls5 PointsWorksheet
G4Have a go at the monopoly run (excludes Explorers who’ve already done it!)10 PointsWorksheet
Answer Sheet
G5Take part in a virtual water fight10 PointsWorksheet
G6Take part in an online game with extended family and friends5 PointsWorksheet
G7Play a board game or puzzle with your family5 PointsWorksheet
G8Cup and string telephone & Virtual Chinese whispers10 PointsWorksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionPointsDownload
C1Write a book or film review and share it with us10 PointsWorksheet
Film Template
Book Template
C2Enjoy a virtual story time with your extended family5 PointsWorksheet
C3Cloud spotting at 2pm5 PointsWorksheet
C4Plan a trip with your friends that you can do together once you can meet up5 PointsWorksheet
C5Write a letter or card to a care home resident10 PointsWorksheet
C6Call a friend, family member or neighbour for a chat5 PointsWorksheet
C7Find an old family recipe and donate it to the Group Cookery Book10 PointsWorksheet
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Need some help?

Got a question about an activity? Not sure if you how you can adapt a certain challenge? No problem, either fill out the form below, or send us a message through the ‘Badges at Home’ feature on Online Scout Manager and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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    Further Information

    Our activities were inspired by the Pawprint Badges Stay Connected Challenges and adapted by our Young Leader Team.