Remembrance Sunday 2020

Following on from the Act of Remembrance Service, the Explorer Unit have prepared some activities which look at the Scout Promise – the promise that we all made when we joined Scouting and renew at least once a year, or when we move sections.

These activities will be led by groups of Explorers and will take place in Section Breakout Rooms on Zoom. The worksheets below are there to supplement these activities.

1Reflection FlowerWorksheet
2Be Kind Fortune TellerWorksheet
3Do your best: Is your best the same as my best?Worksheet
1Friendship BracletsWorksheet
2Do your bestWorksheet
3Making ConnectionsWorksheetTree Template
1House of CardsWorksheet
2Strengths and WeaknessesWorksheet
3VE Day Escape RoomWorksheetEscape Room

You will find activity cards for each of the activities below which will explain how to complete it and suggests some possible adjustments if you don’t have all of the resources that you might need.

Beavers (non-members age 5-7) will need to get 20 Points
Cubs (non-members age 8-10) will need to get 30 Points
Scouts (non-members age 10-13) will need to get 40 Points
Explorers & Network (non-members age 14-17 & 18+) will need to get 50 Points

Our team is available to help you, should you have any questions about how to complete an activity. You can either e-mail us here or contact us via ‘Badges at Home’ in Online Scout Manager.

Activity NumberDescriptionPointsSectionDownload
M1Make a Poppy5 PointsAllWorksheet
M2Make a medal5 PointsBeavers / CubsWorksheetTemplate 1Template 2
M3“Make do and mend”15 PointsCubs / Scouts / ExplorersWorksheet
M4Trench Art10 PointsAllWorksheet
M5Peace Cranes5 PointsAllWorksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionPointsSectionDownload
F1Find out about rationing10 PointsAllWorksheet
F2Make something using a rationing recipe10 PointsAllWorksheet
F3Modern Conflict and Food Supply15 PointsScouts / ExplorersWorksheet
F4Find out how military food has changed between WW2 and present day10 PointsScouts / ExplorersWorksheet
F5Find out about the Ministry of Food and create a poster.5 PointsBeavers / CubsWorksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionPointsSectionDownload
G1Make a paper plane and see how far you can fly it.5 PointsAllWorksheet
G2Create a game about war and peace.25 PointsScouts / ExplorersWorksheet
G3Play blow football5 PointsBeavers / CubsWorksheet
G4Play a code-breaking game and find out about famous code-breakers from WW215 PointsScouts / ExplorersWorksheet
G5Play a game of conkers 5 PointsAllWorksheet
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Activity NumberDescriptionPointsSectionDownload
P1Pictures of Nature5 PointsBeavers / CubsWorksheet
P2War Graves10 PointsCubs / Scouts / ExplorersWorksheet
P3Tree of Words10 PointsScouts / ExplorersWorksheetTree Template
P4Do a chore5 PointsBeavers / CubsWorksheet
P5Scout Law Acronym15 PointsScouts / ExplorersWorksheet
P6Role Model5 PointsBeavers / CubsWorksheet
P7Sing a Song10 PointsAllWorksheet
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Need some help?

Got a question about an activity? Not sure if you how you can adapt a certain challenge? No problem, either fill out the form below, or send us a message through the ‘Badges at Home’ feature on Online Scout Manager and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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    Further Information

    Our activities were inspired by the Pawprint Remembrance Day Activities and adapted by our Explorers as part of their Chief Scout Award badgework.