Blog #4 Latest News From Camp!

Hi parents!
It’s been a while since being able to have a reliable internet connection! This blog is to bring you up to speed with our adventure in Denmark!
Since the last blog, the explorers participated in a hike, which ended up on the northern beaches of Denmark, and camping in a bivouac line with other scouts, which in total was over 100m long!
After the explorers returned from their hike and rested for the evening, the next day more activities resumed, and later on that evening followed a very energetic closing ceremony. After the ceremony there was time for socialising with friends we’d made for the last time, and then the whole camp real eased balloons with messages on at midnight to represent the distribution of age groups within the camp.

The following morning, we packed the camp up, and after jump starting the van back to life, we drove to Billund airport to say goodbye to Tom, who had to go home for work, and then went to Lego land! We. A also proved a rumour that you can get into legoland 2 hours before closing for free!
After visiting legoland for the evening, we chilled at the campsite, and then went to bed in preparation for our day at the water park. The water park was way beyond what we were expecting, full of energy and enthusiasm, we all hit the pools and slides, and even took over the saunas and hot tubs! Check out the 1st Harwell ESU Facebook page for videos of our day at the water park!
After returning to the camp for dinner, there was an opportunity for a small session of ice skating at the resort at which the water park was in, which was taken up by the group, and included ‘Zimmer frame skating’.
After a decent nights sleep and a lazy start to them morning, we packed up camp and headed to Copenhagen, eating lunch on a beach by a very large bridge and the continuing to a scout hut in the outskirts of Copenhagen, which is run by one of Will’s friends he met whilst travelling in Australia.
After visiting ‘the little mermaid’ statue by Copenhagen harbour, we chilled in the scout hut for the evening and played cards before going into Copenhagen for a tour of the city via kayak the next say
So now you are updated on our adventure! Keep a look out for more updates as we reach the end of our expedition!

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