Spring 2017 for the Beavers

The 1st Harwell (St Matthew) Beaver Scouts met for the first time this week since welcoming in 2017! At the their first meeting they played various games including: ‘cat and mouse’, parachute games, ‘hide the beaver’, and ‘baton run’. The beavers took part in a log chew to decide on the final two activities for their programme.

The Beaver leadership team met to put together an exciting programme for the term which includes; a round the world evening, pancake activities, meeting a member of the community and Tie Dying as well as many other great activities. During the log chew the beavers decided they would like to complete the experiment badge and have a campfire with marshmallows!

The beavers will  have many opportunities to complete the ‘Worship’ element of their ‘World Challenge’, during the Spring, by attending Church Parade, they will  also have a sleepover in early Spring at St Matthew’s Church.

1st Harwell Beavers do  have spaces available for children aged 5 3/4 to 8 to join the ‘Rideway’ or ‘Driftway’ colonies this Spring 2017. Please email [email protected] if you are interested.

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